Lady Gaga - #artRAVE

Last week, we lucked out on a couple tickets to Lady Gaga concert at the American Airlines Center.
I was excited to see her live and all her crazy outfits.

We started off at our favorite little place for drinks & snacks.


Dallas Farmers Market

It was one of those rare cool days in Texas,
which obviously called for a day outside.
We hit the patio for brunch, and enjoyed a large pot of tea to warm our insides,
and to counteract the slightly chilly wind.


Chanel, Louboutins & Souffles

You see, this is what drunk on Sangria and full belly lead to.
Terrible Ideas!


Taste of Dallas - Saturday Shenanigans

Saturday was a random spur of the moment kind of day.
Things happened, that were never planned.
There was lots of food and shopping and more food.
I'm still not sure how some of it transpired?!
It all began with an attendance to Taste of Dallas.
I had never been, had no idea what to expect.
But, I'm a big fan of finger foods and trying a LOT of things at once in bite size portions,
and this promised that.


Mercat Bistro - A Hidden Gem in Dallas

After partying a little too hard and staying up a little tooooo late on 4th of July,
a hearty brunch was a requirement on the following day.
A friend of mine asked if I've ever been to Mercat Bistro the night before...
Sadly... I said I have never even heard of it...
and it's within walking distance of my place... oops!
So, in our wine haze, we made plans to meet the next morning to do a taste test.


Florence - The Long Lost Pictures

As life happens, and becomes a roller coaster of events,
hobbies at times, get put on the back burner.
As time has passed, I desperately missed my little space for the fun and the pretty.
{Misplacing the USB with all your pictures, also puts a damper on things.}
Never the less, thankfully, some of the pictures remained on my camera,
and I sat and reminisced about Europe...

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