New Beginnings

2015 was a challenging year.
The ups and the downs were at all time high.
Everything that could change, did.
2015 was a lesson.
One big ass lesson.

2016, comes on a blank sheet, with many pages to fill,
so let's see how these 365 (minus 12 days now) days fill the new chapter.

(picture from Santorini, Greece -- my slice of heaven)

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St. Petersburg - Russia

Russia always seems to have a bad rep. It is where I was born, not in St. Petersburg, but Siberia; a slightly different animal.

Russia is filled with history unlike any other country. The history is cruel; the present is a political and economic battleground. But nevertheless, even after many years of living in the US, my loyalty and love for Russia will never fade.

St. Petersburg is especially beautiful and a good representation of Russian character: strong and tough.


Paris - Nothing but a Dream

Paris never stops to surprise me. Every visit is unique, yet the same all in one. 


Christmas in Paris

On Christmas day, bright and early (probably due to jet lag), we headed up to Montmartre area to the Dali museum and check out Sacre Coeur, along with the view.


Christmas Eve in Paris

I have been to Paris more than a handful of times, but never at Christmas time.
It has always been my dream to see it all lit up with Christmas decorations and stroll through the Christmas markets stalls to check out all the goodies.
My dream came true in 2014.

(The view from our hotel room, Hotel Regina)


Rome, Italy

I love Italy.

I have been to Italy on several occasions. My mom has an infatuation with Venice, so we always ended up there, somehow. As time has gone by, I have wanted to explore the smaller villages, the outskirts, a little more local, a little more culture - in the sense of every day life.


Trinity Groves - Souk Date Night

Enzo's look below, sums up about the last month of my crazy life.

It's been a little hectic with work. I'm either packing or unpacking, or unpacking to pack.

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