Rome, Italy

I love Italy.

I have been to Italy on several occasions. My mom has an infatuation with Venice, so we always ended up there, somehow. As time has gone by, I have wanted to explore the smaller villages, the outskirts, a little more local, a little more culture - in the sense of every day life.


Trinity Groves - Souk Date Night

Enzo's look below, sums up about the last month of my crazy life.

It's been a little hectic with work. I'm either packing or unpacking, or unpacking to pack.


Rome - The Arrival

Mom and I were both sad to leave Positano.
Just as we got comfortable and familiar with the place, it was time to pack up and head to Rome.

We packed our suitcases the night before, got up at 6 a.m. to catch our taxi to take us to the train station. Then, take the train to Rome, and another taxi to the hotel.
Something so close, is yet so far.
We had arrived to the hotel around noon and luckily were able to check-in early.


Positano Beach Life - Our Last Day

On our final day in Positano, we woke up to a beautiful and sunny day.
Having been running around nutty for a week to make sure we got a glimpse of everything around,
we finally had a chance to slow down and enjoy the beach before leaving for Rome.


Capri (mis)Adventures

Today, was not our day.

We started off with a rushed morning, trying to catch the ferry at the beach going to Capri.
We arrived just in time as the ferry took off.
{Apparently, they do not run as frequently as one may think.}
And, as I took out my camera to take pictures of Positano from distance,
I realized my epic mistake...I forgot my battery on the charger.

In the midst of getting ready, eating quick breakfast and grabbing our things,
I managed to forget the one important thing,
the battery to the camera.
The camera, which I managed to grab, and an extra lens.

Our hotel was too far to jump off the ferry to run up and grab it.
I was stuck.
{pictures below were taken using my handy dandy, not so fancy iPhone}


Sorrento - Italy

One of the days we were in Positano, rain was promised, so our day of hanging out on the beach turned to us venturing over to Sorrento.
Sorrento is about 20 kilometers from Positano, 30-40 minutes by car, depending on the traffic.

We started off with a slow breakfast and waited for our driver.
By this time, I think my body was semi-adjusting to the closeness of oncoming traffic, the winding roads and the change in elevation.

We were dropped off in the main square, and left for the day to do as we pleased.


Ravello - Amalfi Coast

As we made our way south down the coast, and up through the mountains, we found ourselves in a beautiful town of Ravello.

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