Positano Beach Life - Our Last Day

On our final day in Positano, we woke up to a beautiful and sunny day.
Having been running around nutty for a week to make sure we got a glimpse of everything around,
we finally had a chance to slow down and enjoy the beach before leaving for Rome.


Capri (mis)Adventures

Today, was not our day.

We started off with a rushed morning, trying to catch the ferry at the beach going to Capri.
We arrived just in time as the ferry took off.
{Apparently, they do not run as frequently as one may think.}
And, as I took out my camera to take pictures of Positano from distance,
I realized my epic mistake...I forgot my battery on the charger.

In the midst of getting ready, eating quick breakfast and grabbing our things,
I managed to forget the one important thing,
the battery to the camera.
The camera, which I managed to grab, and an extra lens.

Our hotel was too far to jump off the ferry to run up and grab it.
I was stuck.
{pictures below were taken using my handy dandy, not so fancy iPhone}


Sorrento - Italy

One of the days we were in Positano, rain was promised, so our day of hanging out on the beach turned to us venturing over to Sorrento.
Sorrento is about 20 kilometers from Positano, 30-40 minutes by car, depending on the traffic.

We started off with a slow breakfast and waited for our driver.
By this time, I think my body was semi-adjusting to the closeness of oncoming traffic, the winding roads and the change in elevation.

We were dropped off in the main square, and left for the day to do as we pleased.


Ravello - Amalfi Coast

As we made our way south down the coast, and up through the mountains, we found ourselves in a beautiful town of Ravello.


Amalfi Coast Road Trip - Amalfi Town

See THIS view?
It took a lot of work.
I had to suffer through 6 hours of car ride to get some of these pictures.

Let me start from the beginning...


Exploring Positano

We woke up bright and early, a little bit more rested, but filled with utter anxiety to explore.
Today was our day to spend in Positano, adjusting to the scenery, the time change, getting rid of the exhausted dark circles, you know the routine.

As we made our way downstairs, we were greeted to a table with a breathtaking view,
downtown Positano.


Arriving in Positano - Italy

When I was a kid, mom and I travelled all the time. We didn't have a lot of money. We didn’t stay in luxury hotels. We travelled to experience all the different cultures.

As I have gotten older (quite a bit older, but let’s not talk about that), and schedules became insane, our travel time together slowly faded away.
Realizing that, even with our busiest schedules, and our hectic lives, we need to make time for our family and friends. With that notion in mind, mom and I decided to book a trip, to one of our favorite places, Italy.

I have covered a large portion of northern Italy in the past, but never ventured south past Naples.
Amalfi Coast was on my radar; Positano to be exact. We would stay there for 7 days and then head up north to Rome for 3, until we had to, yet again, go our separate ways. But, let’s not jump to the end just yet, there is quite a bit of adventures to cover in between.

I met mom in her respective city, so that we could spend the tortuous exciting 13 hours on planes together. Having not seen each other for a few months, the time flew by as we drank champagne, ate macaroons, and chatted up a storm. By the time we arrived in Naples, we were exhausted. The overnight flight, which allows you to semi-acclimate to the time difference, failed miserably.

From Naples, we still had about an hour and half car ride up through the very narrow, winding roads.
The scenery was absolutely breath taking, I caught a second wind, and opened up my eyes to the once in a lifetime experience (or more if you're lucky).

We hired a private driver to pick us up (their info HERE), since we knew we would be eager to arrive at our hotel. The driver was very knowledgeable, spoke rather good English, and would point out not-to-be-missed sights; even though it's hard to miss Mount Vesuvius.
Note: I'm linking to Sorrento Cars because Ugo was beyond amazing, throughout our entire stay, as you will see and I would recommend their services to everyone and their dog.

After much anticipation, we finally arrived at our hotel, Villa Franca.

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