Cinque Terre - Manarola

Having spend a wonderful two nights at Castello di Pavone,
we woke up bright and early to hit the road to Cinque Terre, Manarola, to be specific.
The sun was finally with us!

Neither one of us has ever driven through Italy, much less Tuscany,
so we were both eager to see all the beautiful hillsides that are shown in the movies.


Castello di Pavone

I left off with our road trip from Venice, to Verona, and arriving at our final destination of the castle.
We arrived when it was rather dark, while it wasn't late, in winter times, it seems that Italy loses its sunlight around 4-5 pm, but wakes up in the early hours.

And, THIS is the view we woke up to! The beautiful Alps in the background.
Having not really seen the mountains when we arrived in the dark little village, we were both stunned in the morning to see what looked like a little dream world.


Road Trip to Ivrea, and a Stop in Verona

Our adventures in Venice came to an end.
We repacked our bags, rented a car, and set on the road to discover the northern part of Italy.
We were headed to a castle north of Torino, in a nearby small town of Ivrea,
but on the way, we decided to make a quick stop in Verona,
and check out the infamous Casa di Giulietta.  


Venice - Where to Stay & Eat

A forewarning: if hungry, by the end, you may want to go devour a cow.
I take no responsibility. 

To Stay... Luna Baglioni

My parents stayed here back in March, and raved about the place.
It is steps away from San Marco square, right next to all the shopping areas, and 10 min walking to Realto bridge. You really can't beat the location.

We took a taxi from Marco Polo airport, and were dropped off right at the front steps.
Very convenient if you have large luggage, that didn't get lost, so you don't have to ride around on a bus for an hour and then drag it across town to the hotel.


Venice to Murano, Back to Venice

On our third day, we decided to venture off to Murano;
to check out the infamous island responsible for 99% of the glass sold around Italy.
The hotel provided us a free taxi ride over, which took a quick 15 minute trip.

However, it did come with a little bit of a surprise...
Instead of being dropped off at the island like we thought we were,
we were dropped off at a glass factory.
Interesting turn of events.


Venice...in No Particular Order

Hey! Remember when I went to Italy and took 3000+ pictures, and said I would share, and have been totally slacking?! Yeah...well...weather happens...and work gets crazy...and bath time becomes more important.

Here are some of our adventures from Day 2, after we have settled in, and remained completely happy off of good, cheap wine!

The flooding, seemed to be a daily thing from about 11:30 am - 2:00 pm.
We thought we could beat it, and go and get lost in Venice...

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